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Event Design

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Every Detail Matters

The team at Ardour Events makes sure every detail is accounted for. No matter how small or large your event is, we ensure to check all the boxes and exceed expectations.

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Founder of Ardour Events

Dilreet Kaur

Our CEO and Founder, Dilreet Kaur, began her journey in event planning from a family event in India in 2016. When her brother was getting married, she unknowingly became the planner and helped her Dad take care of all the details. From researching vendors, to choosing them and then executing while attending all of the events. She soon realized she had found her passion. Planning her own wedding in Jaipur, India in 2018, she began to get inquiries shortly after. At this time, she worked a corporate job and had no intentions of starting a company. After a lot of thinking and bouncing ideas, she considered these as a sign and took the plunge to begin this journey. In March of 2019, Ardour Events was born. Since then she has curated over 25 weddings and events. From South-Asian weddings to birthdays, she makes sure to put her heart into every detail.

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What our clients say

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Mr. & Mrs. Powell

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Mr. & Mrs. Wilson

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Mr. & Mrs. Johnson